Ellis Heating and Air Conditioning can install an American Standard furnace for ultimate comfort. A furnace warms your home with oil or natural gas during the winter, while circulating cooled air in the summer. When matched with an American Standard Air Conditioner, the result is a perfectly balanced system tuned for efficiency and comfort.

American Standard 80% Variable Speed Gas Furnace in an attic

American Standard 80% Variable Speed Gas Furnace cleanly installed in an attic

American Standard Furnaces

  • Variable speed blowers
  • Aluminized steel primary heat exchanger
  • Heavy steel insulated cabinet
  • Self-diagnostic controls
  • Sound insulated blower compartment
  • Cleanable filter
  • Dual fuel options
  • Multi-stage options

Duel Fuel or Hybrid System

Dual Fuel or “Hybrid” systems are generally a Gas furnace coupled with an electric Heat Pump. This is a great option for homeowners that rely on propane or natural gas as the fuel for heating. An addition of a Heat Pump to this equation can increase comfort and save money as well. The Heat Pump is usually set to handle the heating of the home when the outdoor temperature is above 40 degrees. Below 40 degrees, the propane or Natural gas will take over automatically.

Variable Speed Blower for More Comfort

Variable Speed is a term for a more efficient motor that can change speeds throughout a heating or cooling cycle. In a furnace, variable speed motors can increase the efficiency and comfort of the home by delivering warmer startups in the winter, and removing more humidity in the summer. They also tend to be more reliable because their operation does not require a capacitor which is the most common service call.

Integrated control for ultimate home comfort.

American Standard wi-fi enabled thermostat for ultimate control.

Ultimate Home Comfort

The American Standard wi-fi enabled touch-screen thermostat is the latest in home comfort technology. It automatically communicates and coordinates with your HVAC system to deliver total comfort and save energy.

It has a 7-inch high-definition color touchscreen that is easy to use in any light, allows for zoning or room-by-room control, and displays live weather information.

Convenient Financing

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