Get an air-conditioner tune up and extend the life of your air conditioner. An air conditioner tune-up keeps your cooling system working efficiently and prolongs its life. With regular maintenance you can extend the life of your air conditioner, save on energy, and not be surprised by repairs. Our goal is not to sell you things each time we visit which is most companies idea of maintenance. We are there for the sole purpose of making you system last as long as possible and gaining your trust along the way. We only offer parts because it’s either necessary or beneficial to your system.

During a air conditioner tune-up, we wash all outdoor units and remove debris from the inside of the air conditioner housing. We offer suggestions on how to keep the unit clean throughout the year.  

Air Conditioning Tune Up

inside american standard air conditioner

We clean all the components inside the air conditioner unit.

  • Test HVAC unit
  • Check condenser coil
  • Test safety controls
  • Inspect unit wiring
  • Clean condensate drain lines
  • Check and adjust refrigerant
  • Wash outdoor units
  • Remove debris from inside and around the outside of the unit
  • Check air-filters

Change Your Filters

Your heating & air equipment wants the least amount of airflow resistance possible so if you don’t have any health issues, cheap fiberglass filters are best. By using pleated or “heavier” filters, your system can be starved from lack of airflow. If indoor air quality is a concern, the American Standard AccuClean is an option to add on to a system to reduce particulates from the home without significantly reducing airflow thus maintaining the efficiency of the system.

Consider a Maintenance Contract 

Your heating and air-conditioning system is a complex electrical and mechanical combination. Without proper maintenance, wear and tear will erode its life expectancy.There are many parts with measurable limits that need to be inspected and replaced when necessary. We offer a maintenance contract that ensures your HVAC is running at peak efficiency.